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Land of Enchantment Mentor Connection

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Land of Enchantment Links Lists many, but not all, airline, car rental and hotel sites.
Provides gateway to sites of tourism offices in the US and foreign countries, from Angola to Zambia.
The Travel-Finder Search Engine: Links to more than 8000 travel-related sites of interest.
Site's destination information is very good! Links to airlines, hotels, rental car agencies & other service vendors are comprehensive.
Airlines of the Web: The web's most comp set of links to the wrld's airlines, wth cyber fares listed
Continuous updated Fare Mail svc automatically notifies you by email when fares between pairs of cities that you specify drop signicantly- so you can get the lowest price.
Lowest Fare: Discount travel site offering consolidator tickets for an assortment of carriers.
Last-minute unsold seats on major and minor airlines: perfect for avoiding expensive unrestricted fares. Booking online is easy, or you can use the phone. Guide to low-fare airlines, list of cheaper, alternative airports, pricing strategies!
The Farebeater suggests alternate routes to save money. Consolidator fares are listed too, both domestic and international.
1-800 Airfare: Consolidator fares from major US cities to destinations in the US and abroad listed.
You can book on-line or call 1-800-247-3273
Hotel Reservations Network: One of the biggest hotel room consolidators in the US.
Call 1-800-96HOTEL or book on-line. Amazing bargains for hotel rooms in major US cities, and abroad, too!
Art Frommer's Budget Trvel On-Line: A daily NL is featured with often amazing deals other sites miss
At this well-organized and complete travel site, you can sign up to have the newsletter e-mailed to you daily. Travel tips & discussion boards, plus lots of information culled from Frommer's guides.
Mapquest: Detailed directions with maps that you can zoom in on when going fr one place to another.
Just enter your starting address and destination address, and the site calculates the most direct route, or if you want, the most scenic route.
DigitalCity: AOL's site has oodles of information on entertainment, weather, dining options, & more
Info on movies, sporting events, travel & other topics in 60 metropolitan areas. The home page provides a great many links to local sites as well.
Historical weather data presented so you can decide to take a raincoat, umbrella, or rubbers. Several 1000 cities are covered.
Get the short-range forecast for a city you'll be visiting. Also included: news stories on weather events nationwide.
US State Department: Travelers are warned of potential hot spots.
The Travel Warnings site tells Americans to avoid travel to certain countries. Locations of US embassies & consulates provided; hlth conditions, minor political disturbnces, crime, security info given
The Universal Currency Converter
Quick & easy currency conversions can be done with the most up-to-date data for almost every known form of money on the planet: from Algerian dinars to Zambian kwachas.
Centers for Disease Control: Info arranged by geographic region!
Get the news on outbreaks & the preventive measures that can keep you from getting sick.
The Zagat Survey Web Site
Click on any city and read what others have to say about its most notable restaurants.

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